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Just send us a mail

All you have to do is write us. Fill the form below and we will assign you a Studia Global Education Counselor that will contact with you to meet you and help you for free.

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We help you with the enrollment in the course you more like

Your counselor will help you to choose the city and school that better fits with you. When you arrive to Australia you will be already enrolled in your course.

Step 3

We take care of apply your visa and all the paperwork

Whether you want to study, study and work, or even if you want to come to Australia with your couple, we take care of apply your visa so you don't have to worry about anything.

Step 4

We advise you in the search for work and accommodation in Australia

We guide you to find your first accommodation in Australia and we advise you with the best tips to find a job as soon as you are here.

We are with you forever

When you be here, we will help you complete all the formalities to start your new adventure. But it doesn't all end there ... we want to spend time together. You will be a new member in our family! Get ready to meet a lot of new friends!

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Your dream is study and work in Australia. Ours is make it happen. Fill the form and start the adventure of your life.

Choose your destination...

Australia is a country that is home to a wide variety of lifestyles. Whether you like the beach, surfing, partying and fun or even if you are looking for a quiet city, there is a place for you. Discover the best destinations of Australia!
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How we help you? Get the best service for free!

We’re always with you, before you come and when you be here. We take care of everything so that you just have to focus on enjoying the experience of your life to the fullest. And besides, all our services are free!

We process your visa

You don’t have to worry about documents. We take care of all the paperwork, both school enrollment and your visa applying.

We enroll you in school

We help you choose the best school that suits your needs. We have Educational Partners throughout Australia.

We help you with your health insurance

We will find and request your health insurance for you, so you can spend your time in other cooler things.

Accommodation Search Support

Learn about the best options and our tips to quickly find the accommodation that best suits your needs

Job Search Guide

Learn about the best alternatives and our advice to quickly find the accommodation that best suits your needs

Check the most frequently asked questions

Have you doubts? Check the most frequently asked questions of our students or contact us for we can to inform you about all you need to know.

4 Reasons Why You Should come to
study abroad with Studia Global Education

We were students just like you and travelled the world in order to expand our knowledge and learning.

We know the programs!

We know and understand every single study program you might be interested in. We hear you and assess your current situation in order to create a study plan that will take you further in your career.

Our focus is on you!

Our focus is to show you the professional outcomes and benefits of the programs you choose. The value of the time and money invested versus the results you will obtain at the end of your studies.

We have helped thousands of students!

Our experience has allowed us to assist thousands of international students from all around the world, in choosing a study program overseas that enables them to enhance their profile and land jobs in industries that are currently moving the world’s economy.

We live in the cities where you are going!

We understand the culture, reason whereby we can guide you step by step during the process of getting a student visa, as well as assist you pre, during and after your arrival.

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Study English in Australia

Vocational Courses

Study a VET in Australia

Choose the Australian city you more like

Where do you want to live this experience? Would you like an iconic city or better close to the beach?

What do you want to study?

Want to study in University or a Master Degree? An ELICOS English Course? Or maybe a professional VET Course?

School Enrolment & Visa Process

We will enroll you into the school that you have chosen and we will assist you with your Visa Application.

Pack your bags and get ready to fly out!

We are waiting for you in Australia with your free welcome Plan Studia and your new accommodation here!

Know the benefits of live, study and work in Australia


Australia is if not the safest country for international students. Here you can have the confidence of studying and living in a place where the respect for others and the regard for multiple cultures is amazing.

High Quality of Life

Australia’s living standards is one of the highest ranked worldwide. You will submerge yourself in culture who loves sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Great work opportunities

With a high demand for professionals across different sectors of the economy, Australia offers you the opportunity of becoming an entrepreneur or achieve a fantastic job position.

Unique Study Destinations

You will be able to choose among 8 study destinations across the county, all with a unique and special charm to make your study an unforgettable experience.

Spectacular Nature

Australia has the most beautiful beaches in the world, and yet you have the opportunity of exploring them all along with magic rainforest and animals that can only be seen in this corner of the planet.

High Quality Institutions

Australia has the most beautiful beaches in the world, and yet you have the opportunity of exploring them all along with magic rainforest and animals that can only be seen in this corner of the planet.

Become an asset to future employers

Living in Australia gains you experience in dealing with other people from different cultures, also giving you a higher level of adaptability. This is a great asset to future employers.
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The partners with who we works

You will have your Studia Global Education Counselor

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