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I Want to Study Abroad!

Studying abroad is one of the best experiences you will ever have in your life, so we want you to get informed and see how easy it is if you let us help you. We’ve already helped thousands of international students make their dreams come true. And you know what? You can be one of them too.

Start your adventure NOW!

1. Send us a mail

Fill the contact form.

2. Select the country you like the most

Choose the destination that best suits your needs.

3. Your Dream Maker will guide and advise you

We enroll you in the study program.

4. We assist you with your documents for the student visa

We take care of the paperwork and documentation for your visa application to the country you want to go to.

5. Guide in the search for accommodation

We assist you in finding accommodation that suits your needs.

6. We are close to you

Before you depart and once you have arrived, we will guide you.

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Wanna talk?

Click the button below and answer a few simple questions so that your Dream Maker can help you study abroad.

You’re less than a minute away from making your dream come true!

Choose your destination...

Where would you like to study? Explore the destinations we have for you and learn through our experience which one best fits what you want.

Agencia de estudios en Australia

How can we help you? Enjoy the best service for free!

If you want to study abroad, the first thing you need to do is tell us what your goals are, where you want to go with your studies, and one of our DREAM MAKERS will guide you to the best institution that suits your needs.

From the very moment you speak with us, your DREAM MAKER and the rest of our team will be there to assist you throughout your process.

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We assist you in the process of your student visa

Forget about the paperwork. We take care of everything, from enrolling you in school to helping you process your visa.

We advise you on selecting the best study program.

We help you choose the school that best suits your needs. We have educational partners all around the world.

We guide you in the purchase of your international medical insurance

We find and process your medical insurance for you, so you can spend your time on more enjoyable things.

We will give you the best advice for finding accommodation

Discover the best alternatives and our tips for quickly finding the accommodation you're looking for.

And all the tips to find your first job

We want you to find a job as soon as possible. We answer your questions and advise you so you never feel alone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Studying Abroad

Check out the most frequently asked questions that our students had when they were in the same situation as you.


4 Reasons Why You Should
Study Abroad with Us

We have been students like you, and we have traveled the world to expand our knowledge and learning.

We know the programs!

We know and understand each of the study programs that may interest you. We listen to and assess your current situation to create a study plan that will take you as far as possible in your career.

We are focus on You!

Our goal is to show you professional results from the programs you choose. And most importantly, the value of the time and money invested compared to the results you will achieve upon completing your studies.

We have helped thousands of students!

Our experience has allowed us to help thousands of international students from around the world choose their study abroad program that will enable them to enhance their profile and secure jobs in industries that are currently driving the global economy.

We live in the cities you choose as your destination!

We understand what you're looking for, which is why we can guide you step by step through the process of obtaining a student visa, as well as assist you before, during, and after your arrival.

Discover the benefits of live and study abroad

You will learn a new language

If you travel to a country where another language is spoken, you will definitely have to learn it, or you won't be able to communicate. That's why many international students choose to study abroad.

You will get to know different cultures.

It's not just about changing scenery, it's much more than that! You will immerse yourself in completely new and different cultures. You will meet people from other parts of the world and open your mind like you never imagined.

You will have great job opportunities

Adding to your resume that you have studied at one of the best universities in the world, or that you know English because you have lived abroad, will open many doors for you. And not just in your own country, but all over the world!

You will become smarter

It's been proven that learning a new language will increase your intelligence, but not only that, you will also be able to further develop it in globally recognized educational institutions.

High-quality educational institutions

When it comes to education, internationally, you will find universities and colleges that offer high-quality learning through new methodologies like coaching and mentoring for international students.

You will discover amazing places and landscapes

The world is full of places you couldn't even imagine – cities, beaches, mountains, forests... Why not visit in person places that you've only seen on TV until now?

You will make valuable contacts and meet a lot of new people

Studying abroad will give you the opportunity to meet a lot of people who, like you, have also decided to take the leap of their life. You will meet other students, educators, entrepreneurs, and businessmen with whom you can expand your network of contacts and open many doors for your professional future.

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You will have your Dream Maker from Studia Global Education

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