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The Studia Team!

Like you, we were international students once, and we know how it feels to make the decision to study, live, and work abroad.

We understand what you’re looking for, and our experience over the past 11 years has allowed us to thoroughly understand the study destinations we offer.

We are DREAM MAKERS, and we take care of getting to know you, understanding your needs, and guiding you to select the best study program that will help you enhance your future.

We advise you for free!

If you want to study abroad, the first thing you need to do is tell us what your goals are, where you want to go with your studies, and one of our DREAM MAKERS will guide you to the best institution that suits your needs.

From the very moment you speak with us, your DREAM MAKER and the rest of our team will be there to assist you throughout your process.

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We assist you in the process of your student visa

Forget about the paperwork. We take care of everything, from enrolling you in school to helping you process your visa.

We advise you on selecting the best study program.

We help you choose the school that best suits your needs. We have educational partners all around the world.

We guide you in the purchase of your international medical insurance

We find and process your medical insurance for you, so you can spend your time on more enjoyable things.

We will give you the best advice for finding accommodation

Discover the best alternatives and our tips for quickly finding the accommodation you're looking for.

And all the tips to find your first job

We want you to find a job as soon as possible. We answer your questions and advise you so you never feel alone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Studying Abroad

Check out the most frequently asked questions that our students had when they were in the same situation as you.


What does Studia mean?

We are passionate about education and everything related to professional growth. We are Specialists in Overseas Studies, which is why we understand what you are looking for. Our combined 20 years of experience have allowed us to personally explore each of the study destinations we offer in-depth.

We are DREAM MAKERS, and we take the time to get to know you, understand your needs, and guide you in selecting the best study program that will enhance your future.


We are GLOBAL because we have the opportunity to offer you multiple destinations around the world so you can explore more and gain valuable experiences.


We are EDUCATION because this is our specialty. We are familiar with the study programs in each of the countries where you can study. We know how they work, their methodologies, and where they will lead you in the future.
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El Artic Tern

The World Champion of the longest journeys among all birds in the world. The ARCTIC TERN, though small, has angular wings that allow it to fly very long distances. It can cover up to 25,000 miles of flight, and it represents us because, just like it, we are travelers who cover long distances. We go from continent to continent, learning and exploring. We love its black cap on its head as it makes it unique, and we are excited that it is our symbol.


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Meet our Dream Makers

The best start is to stop talking and start walking. Contact us, and we will assign your DREAM MAKER to you completely free of charge!

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Be the next one to experience this adventure!

Click the button below and answer a few simple questions so your Dream Maker can get in touch with you.

You’re less than a minute away from making your dream come true!

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