encontrar alojamiento en australia

How we help you to find accommodation?

We want to make you feel at home from the first day you travel to Australia.

We help you find accommodation for your first days

Once your student visa has been approved, we will help you find accommodation for the first days in one of the residences with which we work.

So you can rest and relax after your trip without having to worry about anything else.

in Australia

We guide you to find your definitive accommodation

Once you get down to work with the search for your definitive accommodation, your Studia Global Education counselor will be with you to advise you and offer you the best recommendations for you.

  • We will advise you on the area that best suits your lifestyle and your budget
  • We will give you information about the prices according to the type of accommodation you are looking for
  • We will solve all your doubts and we will be with you all the time for what you need

Approved visas


Years of experience


Educational programs

Look at the accommodations that are now in Australia!

What a thrill! True? While you are getting ready for your trip to Australia you can take a look at the accommodations in Australia. Use our search engine and, if you are interested in any or have any questions, just tell us 🙂

Live your adventure in Australia!

Choose the city you more like

Find the best courses in Australia

We process your student visa

We help you with your health insurance

We guide you to find a job

Have you any doubt? Ask us!

Wanna talk?
Come to live in Australia with us!

Contact us and we will assign to you to your Studia Global Education counselor, who will help you come with us to Australia.
All our services are for free. Forget paperwork and complications!

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