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What are VET courses?

VET courses are technical courses, Vocational Training (FP), which are taught in Australia, but their qualification is valid throughout the world.

Its objective is to train students in a practical way in different trades or professions in a practical way. They can also be used to subsequently access the University.

If you already know how to speak English and want to train in a trade of your interest or prepare to go to the University in Australia, studying a VET can be a great opportunity for you.

Also, if you come with a student visa you can work while you do your course. Ask us, all our efforts are free.

What should you take into account to study a VET in Australia?

1. The education system in Australia is one of the best in the world

Although some universities also provide VET courses, they are primarily offered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia. RTOs ensure that these courses provide quality education and training according to industry guidelines and issue a nationally recognised qualification.

Registered Training Organisations that offer courses to international students must register with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS), to be monitored by the Australian Government to ensure the high quality of international courses.

2. Not all VET courses have the same duration

VET courses last between 6 and 24 months. When you contact us, we will assist you to help you choose the best course for you, based on what you want to study, and how long you want to live in Australia.

3. We recommend you enroll in a long-term VET

If you plan to come for a long time to live, study and work in Australia, the best option is to choose a long-term VET course because, if you want to continue studying at the end of the course, you will have to renew your visa and pay the corresponding fee again.

4. Look for courses in the city you have chosen to come

If you have already chosen the Australian city that best suits your lifestyle, we recommend that you look for courses in that city so you do not have to move.

If you are still not sure, you can visit our section on cities of Australia to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

5. Our consulting services are 100% free

If you want to come to study in Australia you can contact us, we will assign you your Mate counselor, who will accompany you from the beginning and throughout your adventure.

We take care of processing your visa and make sure that you meet all the requirements to enroll in the course you choose. We help and advise you at all times and, in addition, we do it completely free.

Go!  ¡Estudia un VET en Australia!


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What qualifications can you obtain by studying a VET?

VET courses allow you to obtain different types of professional certifications to access the labor market or to apply for a work visa in Australia.

VET courses at the level of Cert IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma can provide you with a pathway to study in the Higher Education sector, and may also provide credits that count towards your university studies

In addition, there is also a system that allows you to validate your studies or your professional experience, contact us for more information.

Certificate I, II, III, IV

These are introductory level courses that prepare you for employment and further education and training.

Certificates I-II provide basic vocational skills and knowledge, while Certificates III-IV provide training in more advanced skills and knowledge.

These certificates are based on each other, so by completing a certain level, you unlock the next one, though it is very common for VET courses to start from Certificate III and IV.

The length of these courses is generally anywhere between 6 months to 2 years.


Diplomas provide a more advanced level of knowledge and training. For example, working as a paraprofessional or for a business, and typically last 1-2 years.

Advanced Diploma

By developing high level practical skills, you will be qualified for advanced skilled or paraprofessional work in a variety of industries. The length of Advanced Diplomas varies from 1,5 to 2 years of full-time study.

I.T. & Cybersecurity Networking

Technology brings the world to your fingertips. Upskill yourself in an industry that is leading the way businesses work. You will not only develop your technical expertise but will also be updated with new technologies.

Certificate III Information Digital Media Technology

The demand for IT workers around the world is high at the moment, specially with the current digital era the investment in newer faster and flexible technology from companies.

You will be able to get a job as Network technician, ICT security specialist or Network Analyst among other career options.

Diploma of Software Development

According to the Australian Government, the number of people working in the software development industry is growing rapidly which is a great opportunity to get a job in this fantastic and fast evolving area.

Diploma of Website Development

The creative minds nowadays are reflected in the creation of websites and applications. Employment opportunities for web and software developers are growing rapidly.

Its popularity is due to the continuing e-commerce boom and demand for computer software. Prepare yourself to integrate data bases with websites as well as research and apply emerging web technology trends.

Certificate 4 Cyber security + Diploma of Networking

Demand for creative problem solvers is at an all time high, since cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common not only in Australia but around the world.

Become a Cyber security support officer or a Security penetration tester among other exciting careers by learning how to write script for software applications as well as implement network security infrastructure for an organization.

Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain

Block Chain technology is going to rule a big part of our world. It is a peer to peer network of trust that allows parties to make transactions without any intermediaries.

Be part of this revolutionary and promising technology by gaining skills in establishing block chain frameworks, apply big data to block chain marketing strategies among other essential units require to succeed in this industry.

Diploma of Database Design and Development

Develop the specialized skills to plan and create (ICT) Information and Communications Technology data base systems for a wide range of Businesses.

Gain a job as a Database designer and developer, Database Analyst or Database administrator by leaning the usage of query language and model data objects amid other topics that will take you to the roots of this infinite world.

Health & Community

Help people and give back to the community by emerging in one of Australia’s fastest growing industries.

Work in areas such as Individual support, Age care, Nursing, as well as develop skills in Yoga teaching and massage therapies.

Individual support

Work in the community services and health sector by facilitating the empowerment of the elderly and people with disability. Learn communication and provide individual support in the above sectors with professionalism.

Community services

Learn to provide person-centered support to individuals and communities by assessing needs and developing support-based programs.

You will gain understanding in promoting diversity in the workplace, learn to monitor and manage stress and well-being of co-workers to develop employee welfare supporting ethical and legal policies and procedures within a business.

Dental assisting

Develop and practice skills in assisting with dental radiography, sterilization of dental equipment, oral healthcare procedures and use of office software in a clinical environment.

Ageing Support

Develop skills to work with the elderly in residential homes or community based environments. You will learn how to communicate with clients and care for their development, facilitation and monitoring, as well as the planning and delivery of individualized services.

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Become a fitness instructor or personal trainer. Gain knowledge of the foundations of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics to understand the basics of exercise science.

Learn fitness screening, assessing, monitoring and analysing clients’ fitness level and development, as well as learn about the functionality and safety of fitness equipment and plan, develop and deliver fitness plans for clients in both group and one on one settings.

You will also learn first aid, CPR, risk and safety management.

Massage Therapy

Improve the wellbeing of clients by developing and practicing skills of this profession that is based on ancient healing and modern science.

You will learn the basics of anatomy and physiology and practice massage techniques for a variety of purposes – such as relaxation or deep tissue.

Yoga Teaching

Become a yoga instructor to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of clients through exercise.

Learn the foundation of anatomy and physiology as well as a variety of ancient and modern yoga techniques. Learn to plan, demonstrate and teach yoga programs safely.


Become an Enrolled Nurse by learning hwo to administer and monitor medications and care for a variety of patients.

Develop communication skills to work within legal and ethical parameters with the elderly, acute care clients and clients with mental health conditions.

Cert IV in Laboratory Techniques + Diploma of Laboratory Technology

Become a laboratory technician in the clinical pathology pharmaceutical or forensic science industries, such as biotechnology, environmental science, mining, and food technology.

Learn how to work with samples, perform scientific calculations, and maintain laboratory equipment, become competent in interpreting information using current scientific data analysis approaches, and record data according to industry-standard protocols.

Arts & Creation

Turn your creative abilities into a fulfilling profession. Acquire the knowledge and skills to become a fashion designer, produce digital content for gaming or music production in an era where digitalisation is vital.

Graphic Design

Awake and develop your creative self. Develop skills to create, conceptualize and transmit messages that can transform lives.

Learn to use the tools to produce designs for two-dimensional and three-dimensional applications, create user interfaces, and design effective digital user experiences.

Beauty Therapy

The social media revolution has opened the door to other careers such as beauty therapy to become highly demanded in Australia.

With around 25,000 jobs expected over the next 5 years, employers are looking for qualified people to work in this great industry.

Learn topic such as specialized facial treatments, body massage, salon financial transactions and how to comply with organizational requirements within a personal services environment to kick start your career.

Fashion Design Merchandising

Obtain a dual qualification that will put your name in the lists of the fashion industry in the future.

Gain technical and creative skills to work as a senior fashion designer, commercial textile designer, fashion accessories designer, or CAD operator.

Photography & Photo Imaging

With this course you will learn the art and the science behind photography.

Start your career as a photographer, photo Re-toucher/enhancer, or photographic designer by improving your skills in enhancing, manipulating and outputting photo images, research and apply light and colour.

It is known that the Australian Government report that the number of people working as photographer has increased drastically during the past five years

Music Industry

Sound Engineering, music arranger are very exciting careers not only in Australia but that can take you around the world.

Take control of this career and complete intensive professional training in vocal techniques, instrumentation, ensemble and improvisation.

You will be able to increase your theoretical understanding of music history, analysis, technology and business.

Digital Interactive Games

If your passion in the in the video gaming industry, and you dream of becoming and interactive digital media developer or an animator working for the big players in the industry, then this is what you must choose.

The demand for multimedia specialist including game developers is rapidly growing worldwide.

Learn through real world experiences and transfer them to a competitive digital and interactive games workplace.


Engineer your future career by learning the necessary skills to success in a ever changing world. From Electronics to Aircraft Maintenance, specialise your engineering skills across a great range of areas.

Engineering Technical & Civil Construction

This dual diploma will teach you the fundamentals of engineering as well as working with technology such as 3D printing, engineering design and analysis software.

During your studies you will undertake exciting projects including designing, printing and building a drone, or designing a freeze drying system.

By working on civil design projects such as concrete and steel structures, roads, pavement, and drainage, you will improve your drafting and technical design skills.

Aircraft maintenance Engineering / Mechanical Avionics

Learn about the technology behind the system of a variety of aircrafts and how to maintain and fix them.

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s main duty is to ensure the aircrafts are safe and airworthy to fly.

It is a rewarding and globally high demand occupation that is well-paid and gives you the opportunity to work world-wide.

Electronics Communications Engineering

This occupation is currently experiencing strong growth and it is expected that there will be thousands of job openings over the next five years.

You will learn how to design and validate electronics and communication equipment, as well as develop skills in risk and project management with the opportunity to become a senior technical officer.

Associate Degree Civil Engineering

Get qualified to work as a civil or structural engineering associate on infrastructure project, or as a technical consultant in industries like construction, transportation, mining, engineering or local and state government agencies.

Develop skills in the application of civil and structural engineering technology and gain knowledge in drafting and modelling structural, environmental and municipal engineering and project management.

Telecommunications Network Engineering

Become a technical specialist in IT and Networking with high level skills and knowledge in telecommunications and information technology networks using IP systems.

You will learn to forecast network growth for enterprise network planning, design, implement, set up and manage telecommunications equipment and network.

Business & Entrepreneur

From Management to Finance, marketing and learning how to establish and propel your own business, career opportunities in this area are endless. Crunch numbers become a leader and get down to business.

Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing and communications are part of our everyday life’s nowadays.

With the influence of social media, it is essential to learn how to create contents and make it effective for conversion.

In order to get a job as a Media Planner or Marketing Director you need to learn to apply digital solutions, analyse consumer behaviours, analyse data and conduct marketing audits.


The global demand for education to develop programs that teach with real case scenarios is essential.

Learn through experience, practice in real workshops, create, develop and sustain a product or service that will launch you to the word of business.

Learn about financial levers, how to read a profit and loss statement, a balance sheet and that profit is a reality rather than revenue.

Project Management

Become a pro at managing projects across different industries.

With opportunities as Quality officer, a project administrator or a contract officer by learning skills such as scope and quality management, how to apply quality processes and procedures, and perform risk control activities among other vital proficiencies for this exciting industry.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting is a skill required in the current fast paced world of finance.

Whether you are a business owner or working for an organisation, knowing your numbers is vital.

You will learn the key general business requirements to prepare financial reports to meet statutory requirements and establish and maintain accounting information systems.

Travel & Tourism

Everyone loves to travel and see the world, so it would be great to learn what it takes to propel this career to the sky.

Whether you become a tour operator, travel agent or travel consultant, having skills such as interpreting financial information, leading and managing people and managing conflict will surely give you access to great work opportunities.

Trade & Contruction

Build a career in an industry that requires hands on. Develop practical skills to work in one of Australia’s most popular industries.


This hands-on career will provide you with all the skills required to become a qualified trades person in Australia and overseas.

Here you will be able to learn in a real work environment such as workshops, practical activities and access the most up-to-date tools and equipment.

Instrumentation and control

Acquire a nationally recognised qualification that provides you with comprehensive knowledge in instrumentation and automation.

Through this qualification you will be able to work in industries such as Waste/Water management, Mining, Automotive, Oil/Gas and Brewery among others.

Painting and Decoration

Learn to work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry by acquiring skills in planning, measurements and calculations, calculate and cost construction work as well as operate elevated work platforms.

These are amongst some of the exciting topics you will gain expertise in order to land a job in an ever evolving industry in Australia and the world.


If your passion is for cars, trucks or bikes, you will be able to addition skills to maintain, test, diagnose and repair automotive electrical components.

With plenty of jobs in industries such as heavy vehicle maintenance, learn about diesel fitting and new technologies in transport.

Solid plastering

This is an area of study that will give you access to jobs not only in Australia but anywhere in the world.

You will obtain skills in construction, how to handle painting and decorating materials, erect and maintain trestle and plank systems, as well as implement safe lead pain and asbestos work practices in the painting industry.


Transform your passion into reality by learning about the hospitality industry.

A hands-on skill that can be applied to restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars. From food production, menu costing, workplace health and safety to nutrition, you can become the next Michelin start chef.

Wall, Floor and tiling

Tilers have a high demand in Australia and overseas!

Learn about internal and external walls and how to lay a wide range of different tiles according to the conditions.

Discover how to use tile-cutting tools, how to create decorative and protective finishes, as well as shaping tiles for edges, corners and around obstacles.

Aircraft Maintenance

The sky is the limit, get your career moving by learning how to maintain jet engines, brake and undercarriage systems, structural components, cabin pressurisation and flight controls amongst other skills that will allow you to land a job in an exciting industry.

Cabinet making

The furniture making industry is evolving and so will you by studying this exciting program.

According to the Australian Government this is one of the highest in demand industries, requiring people to work.

You will learn to join solid timber, assemble furniture components for built-in cabinets used in bathrooms and kitchens.

What are the requirements to study a VET course in Australia?

The requirements to study a VET course in Australia may vary a bit depending on the course you choose, but in general they are the following:
  • Copy of passport
  • Information of previous studies in your home country or country of residence
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • English proficiency equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or any other language test. (This English requirement can vary depending on the institution and the study program)
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose) A letter of intention as to why we would like to study this program
  • In some cases professional experience may be required.
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What visa do you need to study a VET in Australia?

To come to study a VET course in Australia you need the Subclass 500 student visa, which will allow you to work part-time while you study and you will not have limitations when studying any course.

Come study a VET course in Australia with Studia Global Education!

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