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estudia en dubai

Study in Dubai

Dubai is one of the 7 United Arab Emirates, as well as a city that has been continuously growing for the past 30 years.

It has become a large multicultural city where numerous international students come from all around the world every year.

Studying and working in Dubai is a dream that can now be within your reach. Ask us your questions; we will help you resolve them all!

Life in Dubai

Dubai is a city where there are more people from outside than inside, so most of the time you will be speaking English.

The student visa is quite easy to obtain, and there is no need to demonstrate any financial solvency.

The climate in Dubai is quite hot throughout the year. The minimum temperature is around 15°C, and the maximum temperatures can exceed 40°C. It has a dry desert climate.

As for the cost of accommodation, it depends on the area where you stay, but you can find some reasonably affordable options.

The public transportation system is one of the best in the world. It includes the metro, buses, trams, trains, and monorails. You can get the Nol Card, which allows you to use all these modes of transportation without restrictions.

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Where to live in Dubai?

Downtown Dubai

The city center, built around the famous Burj Khalifa skyscraper, is the busiest and also the most expensive area. It's a highly commercial and touristy area, and it's also where most of the businesses are located.


It's one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, the most multicultural, and also one of the most affordable.

In this neighborhood, you'll find numerous Indian restaurants, teahouses, and merchants.

Bur Dubai

Bar Dubai is another historic neighborhood in the city, although it also has some newly constructed buildings.

It's located near the waterfront and has some quite spacious green areas.


This is the most popular neighborhood in recent years. Located along the stunning Jumeirah Beach, it's a neighborhood with a very commercial and touristy atmosphere, full of shops, hotels, and restaurants.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is the area of Dubai's marina. It is one of the most modern areas in the city and the largest artificial marina in the world. It is known for its vibrant nightlife and leisure activities in general.

Is Dubai a city for You?

Dubai is an exotic study destination, and although its culture is very different from European or American culture, it is an incredible city where you will find numerous opportunities, both in terms of work and education.


  • It's a multicultural city
  • Obtaining a visa to work and study is relatively easy
  • It is one of the safest cities in the world
  • Public transportation is also among the best in the world
  • In Dubai, there are no taxes


  • It's a culture and society very different from the Western one
  • Life in Dubai is expensive
  • The law is quite strict
  • Public displays of affection and homosexuality are not tolerated
  • It's very hot, especially in the summer


  • Summer: June to September, from 30°C to 41°C
  • Winter: from 14°C to 24°C


  • The population rate of Dubai is 3.5 million

Go!  Dubai and The University of Dubai

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Recommendations Before Traveling to Dubai

  • Do not travel to Dubai without good medical insurance
  • Be careful if you are carrying medications to Dubai; not all of them are allowed
  • The worst time to travel to Dubai is summer
  • Bring some cash with you. You can exchange euros and dollars without any problem at the airport
  • Carry a universal adapter for plugs; they use type G with 3 pins there

What can You study in Dubai?

Study English in Dubái

Going to University in Dubai

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Get Your Master's Degree in Dubai

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