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Study in Cairns

This wonderful city is located in the northeast of Australia and is home to the Great Barrier Reef, a World Heritage Site since 1981, whose extension exceeds 2,000 km of coastline.

But in addition to diving, you can also go hiking in any of its many tropical parks so wild and characteristic of the area.

Life in Cairns

Speaking of tropical nature, the weather is also tropical, so you’ll have to face a rainy season and a drier one. The wet season is more than humid; We speak of monsoons, so be prepared to get used to the water out of the sea.

It is a small city, so you can walk to almost anywhere, although another option is the bicycle. But if your idea is to leave the city to explore the surroundings every week, you will have to take the bus operated by the company Sunbus.

The level of life of Cairns is considerably lower than in the big cities, taking into account that its size is also smaller. For this reason, the rents and the rest of your fixed expenses will be lower.

Although it is true that, also due to its size, the JOB OPPORTUNITIES ARE not too great.

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Where to live in Cairns?

Cairns Center

This is the preferred area because it is where the action is. The main street has absolutely everything you could need right in front of the beach. What more could you want?

Cairns North

It is the closest to the city and is surrounded by gardens and plants.


It is located a little further inland and is considered residential for families.

Cairns is a city for you?

Cairns is the australian city with the best quality of life. Paradise beaches, peace and nature at a reasonable price. Live your adventure and enjoy in the wild nature.


  • Great nearby beaches
  • Endless day trip options
  • Weather can be perfect


  • High humidity
  • Traffic can be bad
  • Cyclons, storms and deadly creatures nearby


  • Summer: december to February from 23° to 32°
  • Winter: from 15° to 26°


  • The population of Cairns is 150, 000 people
Go!  Welcome to Cairns!
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Read this before coming to Cairns

Watch where you put your foot! Cairns is an earthly paradise, but that’s not why all its beaches are open to the public since it’s so wild that animals roam freely and can be dangerous.

We’ve already talked about storms, so do not forget to put a raincoat or an umbrella in your suitcase. Oh! And remember that the sensation of humidity can reach levels unknown until now for you.

Above we explained how easy and fast it is to move around the city, but if you want to visit the entire surrounding area it is better to take a Sunbus, which although belongs to the TransLink transport consortium, you will not be able to use your GoCard in them yet. If you are going to move often, you may be compensated for renting a car.

What can you study in Cairns?

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