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estudia en toronto, canadá

Study in Toronto

Toronto is one of the most important cities in Canada. It boasts incredible landscapes, a multicultural atmosphere, and some of the best educational institutions in the country.

It is located near Niagara Falls and the border with the United States.

Whether you want to learn a new language or take a vocational education course, Toronto is a city where you’ll find an immense educational offering.

Life in Toronto

Toronto is one of the favorite destinations for international students because, in addition to its wide range of education opportunities, it’s a city where you can enjoy an immense variety of events and activities.

It’s a city with no shortage of job opportunities, and you can also experience a high quality of life.

The climate, in general, is quite cool, with very strong winters and temperatures below 0°C. In the summer, temperatures range from 30°C to 35°C.

Regarding public transportation, the city of Toronto has a metro system, buses, and trams. There are monthly and weekly passes available.

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Where to live in Toronto?


It is considered one of the best neighborhoods in the city to live in. It is home to the city's Financial District, and it is also one of the most touristy neighborhoods with plenty of leisure activities.

Although it is often one of the most sought-after neighborhoods for students, rental prices in this area can be quite high.


Midtown is a neighborhood located in the city center and very close to the University of Toronto. It has some 19th-century buildings and is the perfect neighborhood for shopping.

Old Town

It's the old town of the city, one of the best culinary destinations, and where you'll find all kinds of shops, coffee shops, museums, and art galleries.

Davisville Village

Another neighborhood in the city center, but quieter and more affordable, although it still has a vibrant nightlife. It is home to some of the best educational institutions in the city and is the perfect destination for families and professionals.

Yonge & Eglinton

This neighborhood, close to the city center, has numerous shops, theaters, and a small shopping center. It is well connected and is one of the favorite areas for young people between 20 and 30 years old.

The Beaches

If you love the beach and want to live close to it, this is your neighborhood. Just 20 minutes from the city center and right next to the promenade, it's a very touristy and commercial area. The rental prices are also more affordable than in other neighborhoods of the city.


Located on the outskirts of the city of Toronto, it is one of the most affordable areas to live in. It is a multicultural neighborhood with excellent dining options. It has incredible parks and green areas and is one of the safest areas in all of Canada.

Is Toronto a city for You?

Toronto is one of the destinations with the best job and educational opportunities in Canada. It has a beach, although the climate tends to be quite cool, and you’ll find plenty of things to do.


  • It's one of the safest cities in the world
  • It has a huge job and education market
  • The salaries are quite high
  • It's a multicultural city
  • Public transportation is very efficient


  • The climate is quite cold, especially in winter
  • It's a somewhat expensive city to live in
  • There is a lot of traffic and congestion


  • Summer: ranging from 30°C to 35°C
  • Winter: below 0°C
  • Spring and autumn: around 15°C


  • The population rate of Toronto is 6.2 million

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Recommendations before traveling to Canada

  • If you live in Spain, Mexico, or Chile, you can apply for your Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
  • Carry some cash in Canadian dollars
  • Canada is generally quite cold, so don’t forget to bring warm clothing
  • Look for accommodation for your first days of stay
  • In some places, they use type B plugs, circular with 3 prongs, while in others, they have flat 2-prong plugs. Add an adapter to your luggage

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