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Study in New Zealand

Auckland is the most significant and populous city in New Zealand. It is known for its multiculturalism and high quality of life.

If you want to study and work in New Zealand, this city offers numerous opportunities since there is ample employment, and some of the country’s best educational institutions are located there.

The climate is mild and subtropical, with moderate temperatures and many sunny days.

While it may not be the most affordable city in New Zealand, its salaries tend to be higher than in other parts of the country.

Life in Auckland

In Auckland, you’ll never get bored. You can enjoy its beautiful beaches, go hiking, visit museums, or the zoo.

It’s a city with a vibrant nightlife, especially along the waterfront. There are also concerts and other nighttime events.

Besides having fun, you’ll have many opportunities to find work that you can balance with your studies.

Auckland’s educational institutions offer excellent quality, and it’s one of the best destinations in the world to learn English.

The primary mode of public transportation in Auckland is the bus, although you can also get around by train or ferry.

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New Zaeland

Where to live in Auckland?

The CBD (Central Business District)

It's the financial center of the city, where the majority of employment and entertainment areas are concentrated. The two most important universities in Auckland are also in this neighborhood. It's the most convenient neighborhood to live in but also the most expensive.

Greater Central Auckland

The area surrounding the CBD. It's a more affordable option and very close to the center. It also has numerous entertainment areas and a youthful atmosphere since many international students in New Zealand choose to live here.

The North Shore

The North Shore is the area located to the north of the Harbour Bridge. It boasts some of the best beaches in New Zealand and is connected to the main highway.


Rodney is located about 20 minutes north of the North Shore. It's a very peaceful area with reasonably affordable rents. It's somewhat removed from the CBD.

West Auckland

This neighborhood is known for being one of the most multicultural in the city. It's close to the beach and also has a lot of natural surroundings. Housing prices are more affordable than in other parts of the city.

East Auckland

The eastern part of Auckland is a quiet area, close to the beach, with plenty of shopping areas. The central area is very picturesque and stands out for its wide range of family-friendly activities.

South Auckland

The southern part of the city is the cheapest area to live in. Although it may not have the best reputation among Auckland residents, there are some neighborhoods like Mangere Bridge or Papakura where living is quite good, and they are peaceful.

Is Auckland a city for you?

Auckland is the most significant city in New Zealand and one of the cities with the highest quality of life in the world. It’s a multicultural city with a very high standard of education and many leisure activities.


  • It has the best climate in the country
  • It's a safe and multicultural city
  • It offers great job opportunities
  • It has a wide range of educational offerings
  • High quality of life


  • High job competition
  • Cost of living is higher than in other cities
  • Immigration does not offer residence points to foreign residents of Auckland


  • Summer: December to February, with temperatures ranging from 17°C to 23°C
  • Winter: from 9°C to 14°C
  • Spring and autumn: around 20°C


  • The population rate of Auckland is 1.4 million

Go! 5 tips for learn english in New Zeland

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Recommendations before traveling to New Zealand

  • Don’t forget to obtain your NZeta authorization before traveling.
  • Never travel without medical insurance.
  • Be cautious about what you pack in your suitcase for New Zealand; customs controls are very strict.
  • Purchase a SIM card if you want internet access.
  • Bring plenty of clothing and a raincoat.
  • Bring a universal adapter for plugs; in New Zealand, they use type I sockets with 3 pins.
  • If you plan to go camping, download the Campermate or Wikicamps app.
  • In many areas of the country, there is no cellular coverage, so download maps before heading out on your getaway.

Study English in New Zealand!

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