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How do we assist you in finding your accommodation?

We want to make you feel at home from the first day you travel to Canada. That’s why we offer you our free advice and the best tips so you can find the perfect accommodation for you.

We will tell you everything we do for you and show you the options you have for accommodation if you come to study in Canada. Keep reading!

We help you find accommodation for the first few days

Once your visa has been approved, we will assist you in finding accommodation for the first few days in one of the residences we collaborate with.

This way, you can rest and relax after your journey without having to worry about anything else.

Accommodation in Canada

We guide you to help you find your permanent accommodation

Once you start the search for your permanent accommodation, your Dream Maker will be with you to advise and provide the best recommendations for you.

  • We will guide you on the area that best suits your lifestyle and budget
  • We will provide information on prices based on the type of accommodation you are looking for
  • We will address all your questions and be with you every step of the way for anything you need

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Educational Programs

What student accommodation options are available in Canada?

Canada is a very popular destination among international students and is well-prepared to welcome them. However, we also know that searching for accommodation can be a stressful task, so we will provide you with some options for you to choose the one you like the most.

As you prepare for your trip, you can take a look at the accommodations currently available in Canada.

Student residences

The cost of a student residence ranges from 500 to 1000 CAD per month. If you are coming to study a Higher Education course, we can help you process your accommodation directly with the University.



  • Spacious and comfortable rooms
  • Equipped with a kitchen
  • Provides great freedom to come and go as you please
  • You may have to share a room
  • Possibly too much noise from parties
  • It is more expensive than other student accommodation options
residencias para estudiantes
piso compartido

Shared Apartment

Maybe the best option if you’re looking to save some money and disconnect a bit from your study center.



  • You can choose your roommates
  • Houses have all the amenities you need for living
  • You can practice the language
  • You'll meet new people
  • It is cheaper than other accommodation options
  • Generally only available for a long stay
  • You will have to pay a deposit to be able to rent
  • You have to live with other people, so you'll need to adapt to the house rules


It involves living in the home of a Canadian citizen who will rent you a room. You can check the website of Homestay to find this type of accommodation for students.



  • Great opportunity to practice the language
  • They are often quite welcoming and familial, making you feel less alone in the country
  • Local residents can advise and help you with everything you need to know about Canada
  • You will have to follow the house rules
  • Homestays are often large houses on the outskirts of the city, so it might be a bit far from your study center
  • It can be more expensive than other options
homestay canada
hostales canada


Hostels can be a good option if you’re coming to Canada for a short period, for example, to study an intensive English or French course. They can also be a temporary option for the first few days if you’re staying longer before finding your permanent home. A good website to find hostels in Canada is



  • Son muy baratos
  • Podrás conocer a mucha gente nueva
  • Generalmente, reservar un hostal es una tarea muy fácil
  • No son tan cómodos como una vivienda normal
  • Puede que tengas que compartir habitación o baños
  • No tienen cocina

Live your adventure in Canada!

Choose the city you like the most

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We assist you with your health insurance

We guide you to find a job

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