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We assist you in processing your visa to study in Malta

If you don’t have residency in any of the European Union member countries, you need to obtain a student visa to come to study and work in Malta.

The Malta study visa is a permit that allows you to study for 1 year.

If you also want to work, you can apply for a residence card (which will grant you permission to work part-time while studying) after 3 months of staying in the country.

You must also have enrolled in a course of 6 months or longer.

You’re in luck! We will help you make this process super easy.

What do we need to process your visa?

Your valid passport

Confirmation of Enrollment (COE)

To travel to Malta, you need a valid passport with a validity of more than 6 months.

If you have dual nationality, we will advise you on which passport is most recommended for coming to study in Malta.

The school will provide this document once you are enrolled in a course. We take care of processing your enrollment. You just have to choose the course in Malta that you like the most.

To enroll in a course, you also need to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP), in which we will state why you want to study in Malta. We will draft it for you.

Student Visa!

How do we do it?

We take care of coordinating the application for your student visa

In our team, we have certified specialists in international visas who will advise you and assist you in successfully completing the process.

We gather all your documents and submit them to the embassy.

We track your visa application from the beginning until its approval

Once all the documentation is submitted, we stay in contact with the embassy and remain attentive in case they require any additional documents.

Please note that the visa cost and requirements vary depending on your country of origin.

But don't worry, we are highly specialized in this, so start packing your bags.


Approved visas


Years of experience


Educational programs

Meet our Dream Makers

From the moment you first contact us, we will assign you a Dream Maker at no cost, who will assist you in completing all the procedures and continue to support you once you are in Canada.

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Requirements and Visas for Studying English in Malta

If you are a national of any European Union country, such as Spain, you do not need a visa to study and work in Malta.

Otherwise, if you want to work while studying, you will need to apply for a student visa.

To do this, you must enroll in a course that lasts more than 6 months and apply for the ID card, which is the residence card.

To obtain it, you must go to the Department of Immigration of Malta and submit the following documentation:

  • A valid passport for the entire duration of your stay
  • Bank statement to demonstrate that you have sufficient financial means to cover your stay in the country
  • Address of your residence in Malta
  • Travel health insurance

Live your adventure in Malta!

Choose the city you like the most

We can assist you with your medical insurance

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We advise you to find accommodation

We guide you to find a job

Do you have any questions? Ask us!

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We assist you in processing your visa!

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