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alojamiento reino unido

How can we assist you in finding your accommodation?

Our goal is to make you feel at home from the moment you arrive in the United Kingdom.

That’s why we’ll assist you right from this moment in finding your first accommodation in England 🙂

We help you find accommodation for the first few days

Whether you come with a student visa or not (if you’re a European citizen), we will help you find your accommodation for the first few days of your stay in United Kingdom in one of the residences we work with.

This way, you can rest and relax after your journey without having to worry about anything else.


We guide you to find your permanent accommodation

Once you begin your search for permanent accommodation, your Dream Maker from Studia Global Education will be with you to advise and offer you the best recommendations.

  • We will advise you on the area that best suits your lifestyle and budget.
  • We will provide information on prices based on the type of accommodation you’re looking for.
  • We will address any questions you have and be with you every step of the way for anything you need.

Approved Visas


Years of Experience


Educational Programs

Check out the accommodations available in United Kingdom now!

How exciting, isn’t it? While you prepare your luggage to come with us to United Kingdom, take a look at the accommodations available right now. Use our search tool, and if you’re interested in any of them or if you have any questions, just let us know 🙂

Live your adventure in United Kingdom!

Choose the city you like the most

We process your student visa

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We assist you with your health insurance

We guide you to find a job

Do you have any questions? Ask us!

Sure! Come study in UK with us!

Click the button below and answer a few simple questions so your Dream Maker can get in touch with you.

You’re less than a minute away from making your dream come true!

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